After a breakup most guys find themselves wondering what went wrong, thinking about how they should have handle things differently, then start realizing they want their girlfriend back and start asking themselves the question “what can I do?”

They start planning on ways they can get the relationship back to the way it was when times were great. Writing a letter of apology are one of the many ideas they get to try score them a few points and put them back in her good books.

Usually this type of an approach is like trying to run through a brick-wall: You see most times the real reason behind the breakup remains a mystery. Because women get emotional sometimes, they forget the real reason of the breakup and don’t even realize why they feel the way they do. So in most cases you’re only wasting your time trying to work out where it all went wrong.

But you still don’t know what to do to get your girlfriend back, I know this is easier said than done but the first strategy you could use is to try and forget about the relationship for a while. To help you achieve this spend time with friends, make new friends, just have some fun and network with other people and don’t think about women and relationships. When it comes to seducing and meeting women set your-self realistic goals as regards to expanding your repertoire.

Spending a few months away from your ex will give you time to reflect on your life and make appropriate changes. Taking a break from your ex will teach you a lot about yourself.

By using these strategies you are allowing yourself time to make small and gradual changes in your life. You will have a better understanding about your feelings when it comes to relationships. After a few months, you will have a clearer head and in a better position to make the decision of how you would like to continue the relationship with your ex.

Now you can decide if you still want to get back with her. Maybe you rather move on? Whatever you decide you know you are acting accordingly. If you feel that you still want to get back with your ex, it would be a good idea to start finding out how she feels about you now.

At this moment you have a better chance of being a little bit more direct when you’re trying to get you’re ex girlfriend back. Now by no means do I mean for you to just simply go to her and start begging her back. Don’t get emotional be smart and play it strategically.

Instead of acting all desperate which will not act in your favour, just play things cool with you ex; you might not have to work so hard. If you are missing her because of the time you spent apart what’s to say she isn’t missing you just as badly. What you could do to inspire her to start rethinking about your relationship is to play a little hard to get and let her know you are doing just fine on your own. This will surely get her thinking.

If you and your ex were really meant to be together, now is the time your feelings for each other should be obvious if there is still any chemistry left between you, you will definitely know. Now remember to be cool and don’t expect too much to soon, take it slowly whilst trying to figure out what are the best moves to make to get your ex girlfriend back and you will be jut fine.